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as you touched on here in moscow it's said to be taken to red square for a spectacular ceremony that will send the flame off an epic journey across the twenty in fourteen winter games host country where following its arrival and all the day's events i. also looking at some of the big stories of the week a u.s. government shutdown and a looming default threaten to severely damage the country's economy and send shivers down the spine of international lenders. evelyn's demands that russia stop the prosecution of greenpeace activists for piracy while moscow insists the protest is a scale an oil rig posed a threat to the crew and the environment. and u.s. forces capture
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a suspect wanted for embassy bombings in one thousand nine hundred. separate operation in somalia fails to find its al shabaab militant target. over a good after. two pm here in moscow this is the weekly an r t a roundup of the top stories of the last seven days with me kevin owen but dominating our coverage from moscow this afternoon one big story unfolding right now moscow is poised for the arrival of that lim pick torch for the twenty fourteen winter games indeed in less than an hour's time the flames due to touch down here in the russian capital. so that flames arriving from athens for a ceremony that will kick start the russian leg of the record breaking relay artie's next year jet skis that moscow's have
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a look at the airport he joins us now live up planes due in saying about an hour's time big preparations underway alexy. yes everything is very exciting here everything looks to be said and ready for his story moment indeed for the first arrival of the olympic flame in russia in more than three decades last time it happened was in one thousand nine hundred one most cost of the summer olympic games this time of course this is a twenty four thousand sochi games which will happen probably next year the plane carrying the olympic flame as we understand is expected to land any minute now the flame will be delivered here to the airport as you can see the band of the presidential regiment is standing behind me they will greet the olympic flame with a loud music and fan farce after that we understand that the flame will be exported from here from the airport outside of moscow to the red square and this will not be just any kind of export flame will be escorted by the knight biker group
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this is not just your average bikers the group consists of very influential businessmen sports men simply like to get on the bike and drive on the streets of moscow and they will be escorting the olympic flame into the rest where where there will be certainly a culmination of this ceremony will thousands of sportsman ball and she is the country's leadership including the president the prime minister will be greeting the olympic flame and will officially kick start the olympic torch relay which will take place in moscow for the next two days after which it will continue across the territory of the russian federation you know so much some journey it's being touted as being an epic journey isn't it what what's ahead for the flame. you know that olympic torch relay for the sochi twenty fourteen games hasn't yet started but it's already. several records first of all this will be the longest.
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olympic relay in in the history of the winter olympic games it will cover more than sixty five thousand kilometers it will pass through own. almost three thousand cities towns and villages across the russian federation at some point of time it will go into the outer space it will reach the bottom of the lake baikal the biggest lake in russia it will also reach the peak of the mountain the highest peak in russia as well so the olympic flame will cover huge distance and also another record here that almost one hundred thirty million people will be able to witness or participate in the torch relay because ninety percent of the russian population will be within an hour's reach of the torch relay route so this is definitely huge not only for russia but for the history of the winter olympic games so it will last for one hundred twenty three days starting from tomorrow from october the seventh and will culminate on the opening night of these sorts of twenty two games
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on every the second and next year of course we'll be following every step of the torch relay we even designed a special website where you can be able to keep track of the olympics and our cameras will follow the olympic flame the olympic torch every step of the way make sure you stay tuned with. latest on it may be happening quickly and you think of see some steps are just coming over your shoulder not sure whether they're the actual steps from the actual plane but we'll let you get on with it soon as it happens we'll come back to. appreciate it. and we'll bring you every stage of the torch is spectacular ceremony live in red square a little bit later president putin will be speaking to the lecture and also updating twitter from the airport with flame set to arrive any moment now. the flames progress on our web site to our cong. deliberate torch is on it's
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a big journey to such. one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others pays. a living torch. special coverage monarchy. so while waiting for flame to arrive will be crossing over to it again later let's take a look at as i said earlier one of the day's week's top stories are now t. in fact u.s. military forces have conducted two raids on foreign countries targeting senior terrorist leaders in somalia u.s. navy seals stormed the villar of a leader of the al shabaab militant group responsible for the deadly attack on a nairobi shopping mall last month and another operation was carried out in the libyan capital tripoli and the military seized
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a suspect in the one hundred ninety eight u.s. embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania earlier mccullagh spoke to peace activist ron dawson who says washington's only against those who oppose its policies. the u.s. has no problem supporting terrorists all over the rest of the world so for them to be fighting terrorists in somalia sounds a little disingenuous when they're supporting. al-qaeda in syria as well as and many other terrorist groups all over the world but why do you think such double standards as you just mentioned i mean what's the reason behind all that well the war on terrorism has really replaced the cold war to justify a massive military spending and so when they're supporting a dictator like a man who won an election because it's the only name on the ballot or they're supporting al-qaeda or getting mercenaries in syria or whether it's in the being in afghanistan or any of these terrorist groups or drug cartels and so on if they are supporting u.s. policy in the region then it's not terrorism it's not spoken of if they're opposing
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neocolonialism in us to money and they're terrorists it's not about how they act or who they kill or what they do that makes them terrorists it makes them terrorists in the eyes of washington is are they obeying washington it's not just the u.s. that secures the supporting terrorist organizations russian diplomatic sources have suggested this week that the saudi backed terror group was behind the organized deadly chemical attack in syria and its claim to the assault was going to provoke foreign intervention in the conflict in the public use that it's a james cole but says it's no surprise foreign players are heavily involved and was widely seen as solely a civil war mistaken assumption that often purveyed in the media that what's happening in syria is some sort of civil war as some sort of internal conflict and a lot of the near it has been framed around that that free but i think it's fundamentally false to assert that i think we have to understand what's happening in syria as the planned result of a nearly decade long intervention foreign funded foreign armed foreign supplied foreign trained intervention in syria that has been arming and training syrian
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opposition groups on the record documented leak back to the bush administration is . starting to fund and train the opposition forces in syria so we have to understand that this is not some sort of spontaneous uprising and that as a result there are many different outside forces including the united states including the saudis qatar ease and others who are fight funding and financing their own fighters to go into this conflict and many of them are motivated for different reasons and are there for different opportunities and some are motivated as mercenaries others are motivated by jihad jihad and the chance of establishing an islamic state but just because they all have the same end goal of overthrowing the assad government does not mean that they're there for the same money. so they come in a program for this the victim of a victim egyptian authorities continue their crackdown on the muslim brotherhood but the islamist movement a pace to grow any stronger as a result a report coming out. of the killing of unarmed woman this week by police in
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washington come to the scrutiny as many claim the use of deadly force was unnecessary again we are talking about that very short. next to the house of u.s. representatives approved back pay for the eight hundred thousand federal workers laid off because of the government shutdown one saves over there's no sign though all of a budget deal between the democrats and republicans of the raising the country's debt ceiling devoted to fold economists much fred wolf says that this dispute is sending shock waves across the world. the truth here is what the federal government the united states congress and the white house have exhibited rather aggressively over the last several weeks including through the shutdown is that there's literally nothing the u.s. government can't and won't do for unclear reasons sending whatever shock waves they feel like sending into the u.s. and global economies i can't imagine a recipe that would undermine confidence in the dollar and the u.s. or particularly the u.s.
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government faster or more effectively than what we see on every news channel in the world every day for a week and counting we're already starting to see hundreds of thousands of people get an involuntary unpaid vacation those hundreds of thousands of people are going out to dinner they're not going to the dry cleaner they're not buying a new car or going to have trouble making house payments are going to have trouble making mortgage payments and rents and all the rest and we know the money they didn't get today and tomorrow on the next day is money that they're not spending now and if they get paid later it will still be damaging to the economy well indeed some of america's cutting edge programs have also been disrupted by the shut considered to be non-essential most u.s. space agency stuff we've been sent home with go to georgia he's to oversee the international space station for nasa he told us repercussions and likely to follow . there are missions that are coming up in say four or five or six months fairly critical missions or missions that are robotic flights that are going to the planets they have a launch windows that have to be maintained and if the workers are furloughed that
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work and being done and so there is going to be an effect on the line and i was the director of the johnson space center and we were flying the space shuttle and of course flying missions to a mirror to that time so we had to maintain a schedule so i managed to keep the work orders. working we kept the work going on in the johnson space center and the kennedy space center in florida and we didn't really have an impact but this time with about ninety seven percent of the workforce at the johnson space center laid off there will be an impact down the line. all right so let's break into our look at the weekly news and take you back to the story happening right now i will go to look at the airport showing where there is the plane carrying the olympic flame has just landed in aeroflot plane by the looks of it specially branded it's been flown from the russian capital from greece where it was handed to the host of the twenty fourteen winter olympics yesterday a big ceremony there but some of the start of it it's been thirty three years since
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the flame followed the same route for the moscow olympics way back in one thousand eighty from the airport fly we brought to the heart of the city red square in some model an orthodox convoy it's going to be accompanied by a russian is from a club called wolves not quite as scary as it might sounds there are some of the most well known russian bikers group of all of them very respectable some two hundred bikers are going to form a motorcade to carry the flame from the look of a where a special plane what you're seeing now from greece to moscow's red square little bit later among those two hundred bikers respected athletes some of them a limp dick champions in the world champions are european champions head of the russian luge team. like a reason among women as well and also motorcycling sportsman so that's going to be a sight to see as that play taxis in to. press the button
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approach in is going to welcome the olympic torch into the red square a bit later a spectacular ceremony set to kick start the record breaking relay across the country ok the planes pulling in behind a let's see you're a jet ski our correspondent there hopefully not too noisy for him to hear us a lot of excitement there alexy we're looking at the plane just over your shoulder take it away what happens next. as you can see the plane is actually really the latter and the olympic flame will be delivered from the plane in a matter of minutes as well as when to stand after that course it will be greeted by the president. so regiment by the orchestra there will be greeted by large fan fairs and music after that. the flame will be taken to the red square it will be a company that will be supported by a motorcade of the night wolves that was biker group it's not your average biker group with this group consists of influential businessman athletes and even the
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coach of the russian playing team is on the biker team as well so they will explode into the red square well we'll see the culmination of the ceremony attended by thousands of athletes. volunteers the country's leadership will also be there president putin will personally greet the olympic flame in russia give us a historic moment for the country for the first time in more than three decades the last time this happened in one thousand eight hundred moscow hosted the summer olympics this time of course this is the sorts of twenty fourteen olympic games and the ceremony at the red square will. will kick start officially the olympic torch relay the longest olympic torch relay in the history of winter olympic games covering sixty five thousand kilometers ok i think it's going to be a minute or two alexi before the plane doors open as a number of journalists on there as well i think they'll probably be getting off first before the official flame the officials get off as i say just telling our
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viewers again if they just tuned in what he's saying over shoulder specially decorated aeroflot plane where it's carried out flame directly from greece where all those vents were held yesterday so there's now in the moscow. but also so from the center to be heading to moscow center little bit later will be coming back to you a little bit later as well election as the no doubt is about to strike up see in a bit. coming up looks at the latest in the confrontation between growing pace and russian authorities after activists try to scale an oil platform they are taking this a keep it close. as well soon as it happens we'll bring you the very latest rather often. look at the videos we get from syria these days you know people chaput chopping off eating these intestines this is probably far warns them something that you play
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beyond that hollywood movie highlights the united states of america to stop supporting people who have ideologies that can crush humanity in the name of religion in the name of interest in the name of any political and. dramas that's trying to be ignored. stories others to refuse to notice. the faces change the world lights next. to the picture of today's no longer from around the globe. look to.
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you know to take you live back to vnukovo airport watching the olympic flame coming out of that play a little bit later in the next few minutes probably but before then let's take a look at more the week's news the netherlands for the lawsuit against russia with the international maritime court claiming the detention of twenty eight greenpeace activists to journalist was unlawful the activists were detained after they attempted to scale the russian oil rig last month they were arrested on board the dutch registered ship the arctic sunrise and now the face fifteen years in prison on piracy charges russia says it was acting within international norm repeatedly quested the vessel to halt its activities meantime greenpeace supporters staged vigils across the globe protesting the actions of the authorities authorities insist their actions posed a danger to the crew and the environment a former greenpeace leader patrick moore spoke to some believes the activists
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should have found a better way to get the message across this time you can't expect to have people allow you to continue to storm their oil rigs oil rigs are a very serious operation with really big safety issues and you start scaling the rig and then people have to come and try to get you off it puts them in danger and so i can certainly understand why they were apprehended and finally told away from the state the other thing that's quite ironic is greenpeace is using a diesel powered ship to. occupy a or oil rig and so they would they needed oil to get there if they had sailed there or rode there in a boat maybe it would make more sense i do tend to agree with president putin that they are not pirates it's pretty obvious i think their intentions were not to loot the rig or anything like that but they're still putting people in danger and it is a serious situation it's my understanding that this is the first oil platform that
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is done zines specifically to withstand the intention is to make it a safer way of extracting oil. mccauley build out of the weak spots have been a lift ahead of greenpeace's arctic campaign he says it's the gazprom all platform that poses a threat to the fragile environment that greenpeace has spent a lot of time in russia talking to the office or he's talking to gazprom about the specific risks that this rig platform posed at every stage we've been ignored we've written letters we've sat down in conferences said you shouldn't do this time and time and time again we've been completely ignored this platform is about to start drilling they're about to start the pumps working this platform has been cobbled together from decommissioned oil rigs that sat rusting in a mound shipyard for nearly two decades we haven't published a full oil spill response plans but isn't it reckless to storm an oil rig with all those safety issues at stake. well i think we did not storm
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the platform we tried to put a team of two climbers up the side of it to protest that what gazprom were doing and the threat that this region the platform itself poses to the arctic region our people were very well trained we have expert climbers at no point was there any danger of anything happening to the platform. police in washington d.c. is set to launch an investigation into the use of deadly force by officers who shot an unarmed woman in the week miriam carey was killed on choose day after a high speed chase through the heart of the u.s. capitol police went after she tried to ram a car through barricades at the white house details now of martin sam sachs. we're learning more about the suspect who led police on a high speed chase through washington d.c. her name is miriam carey thirty four years old from connecticut reportedly suffering from mental illnesses including postpartum depression she was recently laid off from her job as a dental hygienist she tried to gain access to a secure area near the white house here in washington d.c.
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just really a block away from the studio here she was confronted by police she did a three point turn striking a police officer and sped off to the u.s. capitol where she was again confronted by police shots rang out she alluded police again where she drove another few blocks near senate office buildings the car was then crashed and police opened fire killing her only then realized killing her in front of her one year old child it's worth noting she was completely unarmed the only shots fired during this entire incident were from the police and some people are saying this could have been a misunderstanding if you know this area around d.c. there's constantly drills going on there security checkpoints going on. you know it's hard to drive around and figure out if someone made a wrong turn and were confronted by police someone who might have a history of mental illness could get confused and drive off it's tragic that it would end in someone's death will be investigations into this i mean we're talking about the two most secure locations probably in the plain of the u.s.
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capitol the white house which might be why police were quick to jump to lethal force but a lot of people be saying you know why he why didn't police try and shoot out the tires when they had the vehicle cornered why wasn't another police car brought in to further box in the the suspect vehicle and once the suspects car was immobilised the third time why was she just shot dead and really on a week to week basis unfortunately in the united states where we're hearing stories of police shooting unarmed people who they perceive as a threat and weren't so this is just another tragic instance of that unfortunately here in the nation's capitol. well let's take a look at the chase unfolded throat sent from washington that we got to put together if you started at the white suspect advanced all the way to capitol building came under police pursuit ended about three kilometers away from the white house where the driver was killed. director of the answer coalition against war and racism told us the u.s.
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police are too quick to reach for the gun he thinks there's five or six police officers just inches away from her head with guns drawn and that's when she starts to flee she runs from them she's running away and they start opening fire and they keep shooting and finally when she's when her car is immobilized she's riddled with bullets by the police now terry gainer who is the sergeant of arms at the u.s. senate formally the chief of capitol police he said there was no possibility at all that she could have gotten access to the capitol grounds because there are so many barricades so if her car is disabled and the police chief or the sergeant at arms says there's no possible way for her car to pose a danger to congress why then did they open fire i mean it's because they shoot first ask questions later the police in washington and around the country have a license to kill they know there's never a prosecution and as we saw in congress the congress members just cheered they cheered over the slaughter and it really was the slaughter of an unarmed black
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woman in front of her baby was a brotherhood protests are expected in egypt today on a major military holiday as the country remains highly volatile three months since the ousting of these miss president mohamed morsy deadly clashes rocked the capital this last week as riot police dispersed brotherhood protesters in cairo it killed four people it was part of a government crackdown on the organization so it's like timothy's banned last week but it's true reports next the pressure only helps build cohesion within the group . egyptian security forces stormed to kyron companies for ousted muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi back in august tends to tone down over six hundred people are killed a month on brotherhood activists like most of the teep say they have been driven underground. i have started to hide my identity every day i shave my beard i have a second phone number that has to be changed so it's not a truck now i can live in my apartment if i move from one place to another life has
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become very difficult for over a month this was the site of one of cairo's main pro morsy sit ins off the august body dispersal by security forces it's become just a busy street since that day for many muslim brotherhood activists like mr furze they say they're on able to attend rallies and their leaders are in jail or in hiding with last week's court order banning them as a brotherhood many fear this crackdown will just get worse. egyptian human rights organizations say the military led government is being too harsh and all the activities of the muslim brother all. in its tuition is or it's acute and related to the muslim brotherhood this is a quick of course so that as a collective punishment restrictions. muslim brotherhood also will not lead to anything but supporters of the interim government say there is documented evidence the brotherhood uses violence so silencing its membership they say is necessary to ensure stability and the transition to democracy to help with the ministry in the
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thirtieth of june revolution which was the second wave of the twenty fifth of january revolution muslim brotherhood killed a lot of egyptians they had no problems killing innocent people they proved they were to push egypt into civil war morsi supporters maintain they are being prevented from peacefully protesting the brotherhood's newspaper was also shut down its website when web announced this week they had to move operations to london due to the escalating crackdown there rather than stifling the movements mr arthur and his fellow activists say it makes them more determined than ever the tension in pushing egypt the towards a bigger crisis. for r.t. cairo. later today example gyptian movie star an outspoken activist of the twenty eleven revolution to talk about the dramatic situation in the country is called taste of what's to come and worlds apart today. if you think that getting rid of mohamed morsi in in this way is acceptable why would one piece supporter is
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try to do a similar thing i mean they can turn to the streets next year they turn up they have the right to you do not for example you do not come and open a job for a man comes to clean the office and you come tomorrow morning find him made himself the general manager and if you don't like it because you that's not democracy when you defend your political movement or political ideology through holding guns and pointing them at our army officers and soldiers and policemen then you know you're no longer have a political case you have a criminal case. and so on of the team a bit later some world news making headlines right now though four soldiers from the nato led coalition have been killed by insurgents in afghanistan another was
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shot dead by a security guard it what's believed to be an insider attack instance for the nato air strike on saturday that killed four civilians. fresh surge of violence to report in iraq with suicide bombers targeting a primary school now and a police station in the country's northeast at least eight children and two police officers were killed in the attack dozens of people are reported injured those blasts follow saturday's attacks in baghdad in the city to create also the claimed over sixty lives bombings and shootings in iraq have left over a thousand people dead last month. some five hundred pro british soil is to take to the streets of belfast in northern ireland in defiance of an official ban protesters tried to complete the july twelfth orange order parade that was blocked by local authorities a ban on the july march through areas separating loyalist and national communities five nights of clashes back then dozens of injured policeman. in spain.


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